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I am a biologist, master’s degree in ecology, environmental technician, and MBA in project management. I have been working in the environmental field for over 15 years, primarily with the mining, energy transmission, and wind farm industries. I contribute to these industries through technical work to understand and minimize potential environmental impacts. I am a biology teacher with experience in the final years of elementary school and high school. I conduct research on wildlife ecology and environmental recovery. I have experience in project development, data collection, statistical methods, sample design, the R computational language, and communication of projects and results. 

Appointments and Education

Under the guidance of a professor with a PhD in economics, I conducted research on the economic viability of an environmental management company. The findings revealed a demand for the proposed services, but highlighted potential challenges due to maintenance costs.

Under the guidance of a researcher with a PhD in Genetics, I investigated the influence of environmental impacts from the Uatumã Hydroelectric Plant/AM on functional traits in bats. The results aim to inform better planning of hydroelectric constructions to minimize impacts on Amazon biodiversity.

During my undergraduate studies, under the guidance of a PhD professor in Ecology, I engaged in scientific initiation activities focusing on animal ecology, particularly studying bats in urban fragments and exploring alternative methods for seed dispersal in areas undergoing environmental recovery.

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Professional Experience

As part of a school management team, I am responsible for maintaining the school’s database organized and providing information to managers, teachers, parents, and institutions within the school community. 

I worked as a field assistant for hydrological data collection on rivers in the southern region of the state of Santa Catarina, where coal mining is a potential cause of environmental impact on the rivers. The data obtained were used to monitor the water quality of the rivers and, when necessary, to take measures to reduce the environmental impacts generated by coal mining in the region. 

Biology teacher for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year high school students, as well as students in the final years of basic education. Through lectures, group activities, individual exercises, and text reading, I explain topics such as introduction to living beings, animal and plant physiology, histology, and genetics. The aim is to demonstrate how a living organism functions. 

I work as an environmental consultant, part of teams of biologists, with the objective of collecting data related to fauna from areas of economic interest. The goal of these projects is to provide EIA, RIMA, and PRAD reports to public regulatory agencies. I have experience in areas such as wind farms, power transmission lines, power substations, and mineral extraction. The objectives of the consulting work are for environmental licensing purposes. 

I was part of a multidisciplinary team and was the technical lead for developing licensing and environmental recovery projects (EIA, RIMA, and PRAD), primarily for areas mined by the coal industry. Periodically, we conducted fieldwork to gather data on flora and fauna. With this data, we analyzed the progress of the recovery process and wrote technical reports. These reports were presented to public regulatory agencies with the aim of providing information about potential environmental impacts and environmental recovery projects. 

Internships and Volunteering

Conducted practical activities in classrooms and laboratories to educate students on environmental issues.

Taught biology to high school students, emphasizing fundamental biological concepts.

Taught science to 9th grade elementary school students, engaging them in discussions and experiments on various scientific topics.

Skills and Experiences

I have extensive experience in environmental consulting, licensing, vertebrate ecology research, statistical analysis, environmental education, and teaching science and biology. Proficient in Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Linux operating systems, as well as R computational language. Skilled in planning, executing, and analyzing data from environmental impact studies, and in designing practical field classes and activities. Proficient in oral and written English communication. Open to working in any state within Brazil or internationally.